County Grant Program

The Texas 4-H Foundation County Grant Program is designed as a resource to assist counties based on need and relevance to enhance their 4-H Programs.
The Texas 4-H Foundation has allocated $10,000 for the county grant program. The proceeds generated from Amazon Smile and the 2019 Christmas Card Contest Fundraiser will go into the County Grant Fund in addition to the amount the Foundation has allocated. Counties may be awarded 1 grant per year. Grants will be awarded in amounts of $250, $500, and $1000 awards, totaling $2500 each quarter. Applications will open day 1 of the Fiscal Quarter, and are due the last day of the quarter.

Fiscal Quarter 1: October-December
Applications due: December 31
Grants awarded: January 15

Fiscal Quarter 2: January-March
Applications due: March 31
Grants awarded: April 15

Fiscal Quarter 3: April-June
Applications due: June 31
Grants awarded: July 15

Fiscal Quarter 4: July-September
Applications due: September 31
Grants awarded: October 15

These grants may be used without restriction as long as they are used to enhance and promote county 4-H programs.
*Counties will not have to do any follow up reporting once they are awarded.

Apply Here

Applications must be submitted online via Formsite.